The Business of French and Dutch Design and Culture

BMGT498C: The Business of French and Dutch Design and Culture (3 Credits)

Program Dates

March 14-23, 2014


Paris, France and Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Mary Harms

Program Fee

$3,230  |  Scholarships available!


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2014 Syllabus

This course will allow students to explore the contributions of the French and the Dutch to our world’s culture. Paris has long been known for its luxurious products and brands in fashion. We will not only look at the products first hand but will hear from industry experts on how they are marketed. We’ll also explore the significance of the Eiffel Tower during the Industrial Age as well as its iconic status in the marketing of Paris. Art Deco and Art Nouveau design movements originated in Paris and we’ll see and observe examples of these movements and delve into their designs.

The Netherlands experienced a golden age in the 1600s. We’ll look at the impact of trade and the region’s waterways in that period and the emergence of the Dutch bourgeoisie. In recent history, Dutch design has distinguished itself in everyday items by creating aesthetically-pleasing, high-utilitarian products with a minimalistic look.

This course will provide students with in-depth understanding and appreciation of the arena of global design, innovation and marketing and their economic symbiotic interrelationship, by exposing students to world-class practitioners of design and marketing, the environments they have created, the industries they have influenced, and the products they have invented.

We will be visiting design and marketing firms, museums, retail shops, and hotels to learn from practitioners. In addition, we’ll explore how culture and the business environment has been defined in France and the Netherlands with a sincere appreciation for stellar design.

Course Objectives:

  1. Improve students’ ability to understand how the global business environment affects design
  2. Increase students’ visual and design global literacy
  3. To be exposed to the career paths for those individuals interested in global design, marketing, and branding

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