Undergraduate 'Maryland-in'

The University of Maryland's nine "Maryland-in" programs provide a great way to spend a semester abroad with more support than an exchange semester, semester abroad through a provider, or by direct enrolling. Often there is resident credit available (classes will appear on your transcript as if you took them here). Business students in particular should review the London, Rome, and Barcelona programs for how they might fit in with your academic plan, as these programs have a substantial number of business courses available in English.


Barcelona Collage

Make a city unlike any other your own through the Maryland-in-Barcelona study abroad program. Spain’s second largest city and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is truly Mediterranean in culture, temperament, and history. Founded in the second century BC, it is now a thriving, culturally rich metropolis known for its modernist architecture, gorgeous beaches, mountains overlooking the sea, and a largely preserved Gothic city center. Barcelona is a city that has earned its reputation and lives up to the hype – an ideal place to live, study, and experience European life. [ LEARN MORE ]


London Collage

If you are looking to live and learn in one of the world's most vibrant, exciting, and globally important cities, Maryland-in-London is the program for you. Maryland-in-London is the University of Maryland's oldest study abroad program and offers students an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the cosmopolitan hub of England. London is a world leader in business and finance, fashion, art, theater, and music, and an ideal place to study history, politics, and literature. [ LEARN MORE ]



Maryland-in-Rome is based at the American University of Rome (AUR), the oldest independent, four-year, degree-granting American institution of higher learning in Rome. AUR offers a rigorous academic program that is dedicated to excellence in education and promotes cross-cultural exchange. Students in the Maryland-in-Rome program will live and learn in a stimulating, intellectually vibrant environment, with classmates and faculty from around the world. There is an emphasis on active learning, a goal that AUR’s small faculty to student ratio helps to facilitate. The language of instruction is English and Maryland students have access to a wide range of courses offered for resident credit, including courses that will fulfill major, minor, Honors, and CORE requirements. [ LEARN MORE ]