Universita Comerciale Luigi Bocconi - Milan, Italy


Bocconi University is considered the leading university in Business and Economics in Italy and its School of Management has been ranked 11th in Europe and 31st worldwide according to the Financial Times MBA Ranking 2014. Bocconi is a full-fledged urban campus that comprises an entire city neighborhood. 


Work Opportunities


Bocconi offers over 40 business courses taught in English each semester. Exchange students with proficiency can also take courses in Italian.

Placement office is available to exchange students and they will work with you on securing a work permit for a post-semester internship.

Bocconi has a designated residence for exchange students located off-campus. Many students choose to find private housing.

For more information, visit Bocconi’s exchange program website.

What Smith students have to say about Bocconi: Charles Warshaw

“It was just incredible. The people you meet are great; I think that you have something in common to begin with, that you’re all in business school and all they type of personality that’s willing to take the risk of going to live abroad for a semester. It’s expensive to get to your host country, but then once you’re there it’s easy and inexpensive to travel – there are student discounts everywhere, cheap buses, trains and flights.”

- Charles Warshaw, Class of 2010

Chris Laidley

"Overall, Bocconi was the best experience of my life. The city and the way the schools work were very different, so I learned a lot. All the students lived together which was great for meeting other Italian and international students. I made a lot of great friends, and I even hang out with the other Maryland students now that we're back. I also traveled a lot to other countries in Europe, traveling by plane or train was easy and cheap. My experience at Bocconi was unbelievable and I wouldn't change anything--the city the school and the people were perfect."

- Chris Laidley, Class of 2010