Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates will have the option to live on campus, and should receive housing forms with this package or shortly thereafter. Please return these forms as quickly as possible to ensure a space. It is your responsibility to return these forms quickly in order to have on campus accommodations. Most of our residence halls require that you purchase a meal plan. There are few self-catering units available with kitchens where you would be exempted from the meal plan. Please remember that our residence halls do not include pillows, linens or blankets. Please see Residence Life for details about residence halls and current costs. Also on the international site study abroad site there are links for housing options.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must find their own accommodations. We understand very well the challenges of finding short-term leases, but unfortunately there is not enough housing on campus to accommodate everyone. The best place to start your search is www.och.umd.edu

Dining Services

There are many food options on campus available at www.dining.umd.edu