Estimated Expenses

As part of your application process you will need to certify that you have sufficient available funds for the expenses not expressly provided by the exchange. Please complete and submit with your application the Certification of Finances Form. You will need to include a letter from your bank verifying their ability to provide you with these funds. If you are to be supported by your government enclosed a verification of the arrangement.

You must submit a bank statement showing an available balance of a minimum of:

  • $14,625 for the year
  • $6,500 for the semester

Note: If the bank statement has someone else's name on it, you must include a letter from that person stating that he/she will support you with the required amount listed above. You cannot use an investment account. It has to be a regular checking or savings account that you (or the person listed on the account) can withdraw from at any time. 

Sample Bank Letter [ Word Doc ]

Download Certification of Finances Form: