Incoming Students

Incoming International Students

The University of Maryland is an energetic place with classes and activities to serve a student body of about 50,000 students. We are located an easy 20 minute metro ride from downtown Washington, D.C., and the campus benefits from the close proximity to the broader Washington and Baltimore metropolitan communities.

Maryland provides an academic environment that stimulates and challenges students both inside and outside the classroom, and exchange students are encouraged to take advantage of our diverse community.

We have a gorgeous gym, a beautiful performing arts center, and all of the free activities available in Washington, D.C., such as concerts, museums, the zoo and more.



Jung Whan Lee

"I had found that UMD, especially its business school has good reputation for its famous faculty members and great facilities. One of former exchange students of my home school recommended me Smith school strongly. Also being close to DC and New York City attracted me. I have found diversified students with different backgrounds and it has been very unique experience, which was the very reason why I wanted to study abroad as an exchange student at the first time. Beautiful campus, great facilities such as recreation center and the events such as football games are exciting too."

- Jung Whan Lee