Great Expectations


“My education at the University of Maryland gave me the tools and the motivation to maximize whatever talents and abilities I had. …I want this university to be excellent and lead the way in many areas with a clear vision for the future.”

February 2005 
— Robert H. Smith
 BS in Accounting ’50

You Can Help the Smith School Move Forward — Give to the Great Expectations Campaign!

Great Expectations

The school’s reputation for research and teaching excellence, emphasizing globalization, entrepreneurship and technology, has attracted business and government partners to invest in Smith programs and people. But, for the Smith School to take the next step—to move from excellence to greatness—additional financial resources will be required. These resources will enable Smith to recruit and retain world-class faculty who will advance business knowledge in the netcentric era, to provide a state-of-the-art facility for 21st century business education and research, and to attract and support a diverse student body who will become the next generation of global business leaders.

You can play a key role in Smith’s ascent to greatness. Your contribution to the Great Expectations campaign can help the Smith School of Business achieve its destiny as one of the world’s great business schools. You can give Smith School faculty and students the ability to better our world.

Smith School Great Expectations Campaign Giving Priorities

Providing Students the Opportunities to Reach for the Stars

We must continue to attract the boldest and brightest young men and women of each new generation. Scholarships allow the Smith School to compete for the best students—and we are competing with the best schools. When students list what schools they are considering along with Smith, the names are impressive: Wharton, Michigan, Duke.

There is also an urgent need for scholarships to support MBA, MS, and PhD students. We must be able to offer competitive financial aid to attract and keep students who want to attend Smith—and who we’d like to have—but who cannot turn down a greater financial aid offer elsewhere.

Attracting and Retaining World-Class Faculty

Smith faculty are among the leading scholars in their fields and come from the world’s premier research institutions. These men and women were recruited for excellence in research and teaching and their ability to advance the school. They conduct cutting-edge research in strategic business areas to create new management knowledge and identify leading business practices. Through Smith’s Centers for Excellence, faculty experts partner with national and global leaders to answer real world challenges facing society.

In order to move from research excellence to greatness, however, the Smith School of Business must continue to recruit internationally recognized faculty and rising stars by dedicating increased resources to endowed chairs and professorships. The school must also encourage existing department capabilities by increasing funding for faculty research and strengthening support systems for junior faculty.

Great Expectations

Supporting Innovation to Change the World Around Us

The Smith School’s research activities span theory and application, producing the visionary ideas and innovative techniques that are shaping business practice in the 21st century. The Smith School created a unique resource for faculty and student research in the Netcentric Research Laboratories. The netcentric labs—supply chain management, financial markets, electronic markets, and behavioral—create an integrated electronic teaching and research environment, with applications to e-commerce, supply chain management, financial markets, auctions, and consumer research. The first environment of its kind at any business school in the country, the netcentric labs reflect Smith’s vision of converging technology applications across the various functions of business.


Creating the Most Advanced Learning Environment

Providing a superb research and teaching environment is a key measure of greatness for a business school. The Smith School’s home, Van Munching Hall, is one of the most advanced facilities in the world for management education and research. Van Munching, dedicated in 1995, boasts wireless internet access throughout, data jacks at each classroom seat, and video and audio conferencing capabilities in every classroom. What Van Munching Hall needs, however, is more space to meet the growth demands created by Smith’s program excellence.

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