Mission Statement

Greetings Fellow Alumni,

On behalf of the Robert H. Smith School of Business, welcome to the Smith Alumni Club of New York (SmithNY). SmithNY is the school’s first official region-specific alumni club, and is geared toward Smith alumni living and working in the Greater New York City metropolitan area.

With New York City as the center of the global economy, it's not only the crossroads of industries from financial services to consulting; it is the nucleus of the business world. In this epicenter, we currently have approximately 5,000 Smith alumni fully immersed in a wide spectrum of industries, all of whom are playing an active role in their daily lives to shape and maintain the global economy.

Reaching out and connecting all these alumni was what gave birth to SmithNY. The Smith Alumni Club of New York provides formal and more organized opportunities for social and professional networking amongst Smith alumni in the New York region. Through SmithNY, alumni will be able to reunite, network and interact with other alums, and engage each other to develop a stronger sense of unity and community throughout the region.

SmithNY changes the way we as Smith alumni in New York City interact with each other and with the Smith School. It is more than just interesting events; it is about access- access to collaboration, access to community, and access to possibilities. Together with the Smith School, SmithNY aims to provide alumni with opportunities for personal development and enrichment, as well as philanthropic, social and professional experiences.

With the launch of SmithNY, Smith alumni now have an established network and formal footprint in New York City. So join us today and become a part of the Smith Alumni Club of New York, your resource for business, social, professional, and intellectual growth.


Ngozi Peter Nwaneri & Neil SamenCo-Chairs