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Listed below you will find information about my publications. A downloadable version of my complete curriculum vitae is available here. If you have any questions about my work, please contact me at Thank you for your interest.


Refereed Journal Articles

Rindova, V., Williamson, I., Petkova, A. & Sever, J. Being good or being known: An empirical examination of the dimensions, antecedents, and consequences of organizational reputation. Academy of Management Journal (forthcoming).Full Text PDF

Rinodva, V., Pollock, T., & Hayward, M. Celebrity Firms: The Social Construction of Market Popularity. Academy of Management Review (forthcoming). Full Text PDF

Rindova, V., Becerra, M., & Contrado, I. 2004. Enacting competitive wars: Actions, language games, and market consequences. Academy of Management Review. Full Text PDF

Hayward, M., Rindova, V. & Pollock, T. Believing One’s Own Press: The Causes and Consequences of Chief Executive Officer Celebrity, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming. Full Text PDF. Business press coverage of the study.

Pollock, T. & Rindova, V. 2003. Media legitimation effects in the market for initial public offerings. Academy of Management Journal, 46(5): 631-642. Full Text PDF. Business press coverage of the study

Rindova, V. & Kotha, S. 2001. Continuous morphing: Competing through dynamic capabilities, form, and function. Academy of Management Journal, 44: 1263-1280.

Kotha, S., Rindova, V., Rothaermel, F. 2001. Assets and actions: Firm-specific factors in the internationalization of US Internet firms. Journal of International Business Studies, 32: 769-792. Full Text PDF.

Rindova, V. and Fombrun, C. 1999. Constructing competitive advantage: The role of firm-constituent interactions. Strategic Management Journal, 20, 691-710. Full Text PDF.

Rindova, V. 1999. What do corporate boards have to do with strategy: A cognitive perspective. Journal of Management Studies, 36, 953-977. Full Text PDF.

Rindova, V. and Starbuck, W. 1997. Ancient Chinese theories of control. Journal of Management Inquiry, 6 (2), p. 144-160. Winner of “Breaking the Frame” Award.

Huse, M. & Rindova, V. 2001. Stakeholder expectations of corporate boards. Journal of Management and Governance.

Kotha, S., Rajgopal, S., Rindova, V. 2001. Reputation Building and Performance: An Empirical Analysis of the Top-50 Pure Internet Firms, European Management Journal, 19: 571-586. Full Text PDF.

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Fombrun, C & Rindova, V. 1998. Reputation management in global 1000 firms: A benchmarking study, Corporate Reputation Review, 1(3): p. 205-215.

Rindova, V. 1997. The image cascade and the dynamics of corporate reputations, Corporate Reputation Review, 1(2), p. 188-194.


Book Chapters

Rindova, V. 2004. Examples of Social Measurement in Firm Valuation. in Kempf-Leonard, K. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Social Measurement, Elsevier.

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Fombrun, C. & Rindova, V. 2000. The road to transparency: Reputation management at Royal Dutch/Shell. In Schultz, M. & Hatch, M.J. (Eds.) The Expressive Organization. Oxford University Press.

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Rindova, V. & Fombrun, C. (forthcoming) Fanning the flame: Corporate reputations as social constructions of performance. In Porac, J. & Ventresca, M. (Eds.), Constructing Industries and Markets. Oxford University Press.


Conference Proceedings

Rindova, V. & Kennelly, J. 1995. Transfer of environmental standards in the global chemical and pharmaceutical industries: An organizational learning perspective. Proceedings of the International Association of Business and Society, Sixth Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria.

Fombrun, C. & Rindova, V. 1994. Reputational rankings: Institutionalizing social audits of corporate performance. Proceedings of International Association of Business and Society, Fifth Annual Conference, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Bethel, J. & Rindova, V. 1994. The impact of CEO, top management teams, and boards of directors turnover on corporate restructuring. Proceedings of The Second International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, Dallas, Texas.


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